T & K Furniture Leighton Buzzard Shop History

 During the current Covid-19 lockdown we have time to reflect on the history and achievements of our country to give us strength and encouragement in the times of crisis.  The Second World War was a time of great hardship for everyone and was essential for all to keep strong and to be resilient to be able to achieve a successful outcome and then the recovery and back to normal life could start after the war.

We heard the sad news recently of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore at age of 100, who lived in Bedfordshire, whom had led a remarkable life serving his country not only through the second world war but also 75 years on during the Covid-19 crisis. His selfless actions are an inspiration to us all.

The T & K Furniture Limited shop at 3 Hockliffe Street, Leighton Buzzard which is now over 100 years old is pictured here in the early 1900s and was part of the Coop for many years up until 1995.


The Coop, 3 Hockliffe Street, Leighton Buzzard in the early 1900s

The second floor of the shop at the rear had a function hall with a stage which was used for Coop staff meetings and events and was also used for the local Leighton Buzzard community events. 

At the end of the Second World War VE day celebrations were held all over the country.  At our old shop we came across a photograph we believe was taken on VE day at this function hall, where there was a party for the local children celebrating VE day.  What is also remarkable is that once this photo was shown around to some local Leighton Buzzard citizens, there has been several older members of the local community making contact with us, as they recognized themselves in this photo from 75 years ago.

For anyone still around who was in this photo from 75 years ago which was taken at the shop which is now owned by T & K Furniture, Tom Shattock the founder of T & K Furniture would like them to get in contact.  Tom would like to send them a copy of this photo and once the lockdown is over invite them to return to the shop to see the function hall as it is today.  Whilst this function hall is mainly used as showroom for furniture, there are still some of the original features in place, such as the stage at the back of the hall.

Photo believed to be the party for local children on VE day 8th May 1945 at the second floor function hall of the old Coop, at 3 Hockliffe Street, Leighton Buzzard.

Photo of Hockliffe Street in the 1980s. T & K Furniture shop now two doors up from the Coop sign.

Photo of 3 Hockliffe Street as it looks today in 2021

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