Charitable Efforts during COVID 19

When the owners of T & K Furniture Limited advertised for sale Kathy Shattock’s green Rover 25 in 2019, it was expected to be the last time to see or hear about the car. The car had reached 16 years of age but sadly had suffered head gasket failure as is common with these cars and was beyond economic repair and so was being sold for spares or scrap. There was not much interest in the car until a call and then a visit from Dave. Dave was looking for a cheap car needing work to take on a challenging charity adventure driving all the way from UK to Africa to raise money for East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Sam Shattock handing over Kathy’s non running Rover 25 to Dave

After much work the Rover was transformed and ready for the September 2020 England to Morocco charity drive but due to Covid 19 this trip was cancelled. So at short notice the charity trip was changed to a UK only trip covering the full coast of the UK, totalling 3,500 miles.

Kathy Shattock had been a partner of T & K Furniture Limited, Leighton Buzzard for 48 years and this car she had used for four years until the engine stopped. Sadly Kathy passed away in early September 2020 after short illness and whilst she did get to see the car transformed ready for the charity drive she did not get to hear about the completed trip.

More than £2,000 was raised by Dave and his team for East Anglia Air Ambulance and Kathy Shattock’s car which was used for this trip was donated by T & K Furniture Limited along with some spare parts to support the car making the journey.

The East Anglia Air Ambulance organisation saves lives and relies on donations to support its activities and they welcome any additional contributions.

Boom Banger Rally is the organization that arranges these charity driving trips and they are always eager for more participants.

Dave is already planning another charity trip for 2021 in this car, Covid 19 permitting and this will be another long drive apparently Iceland. Whilst Kathy’s passing away is of great sadness to the family, by knowing her old car will be taking on more adventures in the world is a way of keeping happy memories of her in our minds. Anyone interested to know more about this UK trip or interested in sponsoring Dave for the next trip details can be found on

Tom & Sam Shattock from T & K Furniture Limited alongside Kathy’s transformed Rover 25

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